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yogin art series

The Yogin Art Series was created from 2017 - 2019 depicting various yoga asanas. Some of these works are currently showcased at True Self Yoga in Olympia, WA.

Sunset Moon Goddess

big hair and she/her series

Big Hair and She/Her Series 2018-2020


graphic material

A collection of promotional material such as event announcements, flyers and social media posts.


graphite series

The Graphite Series is a collection of black and white works created from 2017-2022 with graphite and charcoal on paper. They depict still moments of life of my multiracial family. 

Sound asleep8x10_edited.png


A collection of capture moments experienced in my life from 2017- 2022. 


digital art

A collection of recent digital art created 2019-2022

lr-Mother of Mothers.png
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