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D33Light is a brand that reflects my philosophy of incorporating light and positivity into all aspects of my life. I believe that a light-filled and colorful environment can positively impact mood, creativity, and success.

As an artist who works with mixed media, graphite, and public installations, my work is influenced by my experiences with travel, dance, and yoga. I draw inspiration from a variety of techniques and patterns that stem from traditional Indian culture as well as design influences like realism and serialism. My creative process is spiritual, organic, and intuitive, and my work encourages self-care, self-sustenance, and self-healing through movement and art. I enjoy exploring light and dark through the use of glow-in-the-dark paint, and I create rough and crystalline surfaces to add structure and depth to my pieces.

My artistic process involves chanting, movement, or meditation before I begin, and I often listen to music and mantra while I create. While I spend most of my days taking care of my family, art remains my most passionate form of self-care. In 2017, I made the decision to refer to myself as a professional artist, and I have not looked back since. As a self-taught public artist, I am constantly learning and growing, and I am committed to making my art accessible to everyday people.

my background

My background is rooted in my experiences as a South-Asian immigrant to Canada. While my life in the UK was predominantly surrounded by people of South-Asian descent, moving to Canada was a culture shock that forced me to discover my identity and understand who I was becoming. Through performing classical and Bollywood dances and starting a bridal henna business with my mother at the age of 15, I found my love for art, movement, and creativity.



After visiting Yasodhara Ashram in Kootenay Bay BC for two weeks on a Karma Yoga experience in my late teens, I began a journey of self-discovery. Soon after, I lost a dear family member to cancer and processed my grief by organizing a fundraiser for cancer research. This experience changed my perception of beauty and taught me about nonattachment and renunciation.


After teaching ESL in Japan and working with new immigrants and refugees and women building life skills with various non-profits, I reassessed where I was in life and decided to stay at Yasodhara Ashram and complete an eight-month intensive yoga and self-development course. This experience taught me artistic spiritual practices that merge yoga, meditation, and art, which I continue to utilize today.

I now live in Olympia with my family, and I am excited to continue my journey as an artist and spread the message of self-care, self-sustenance, and self-healing through my work

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